Event rules



Desafío La Titánica 2024 is a CYCLE SPORT event in accordance with the Specific Instruction for Cycle Sports Road Rides of the General Directorate of Traffic.

It is promoted by the Ilustre Ayuntamiento de Mogán and the company DG Eventos S.L., who owns the brand, management and production of the event.


The event will take place on 16 March 2024 and will travel to different locations on the island. The centre of operations will be established in Puerto de Mogán.

The start time for Desafío La Titánica 2024 is 08:00 hours and participants must be at the start in good time for the bib check and briefing.

Article 3. STAGES

This edition of the event consists of 2 modalities:

La Titánica Challenge – Valley of Tears (VOT):

Saturday 16th March La Titanica Challenge 2024
Starting time: 08:00h
Starting place: Playa de Mogán.
Distance: 143 kilometres
Positive difference in altitude: 3,510 m
Maximum altitude: 1,380 m

Consists of four timed sections:
– TC nº1 of 2.3 km. Alto de Puerto Rico, 3rd category. Average gradient 6.3%.
– TC nº2 of 21 km. Alto de Cruz de San Antonio of 1st category. 12 km of false flat and 9 km with an average gradient of 8%…
– TC nº3 of 12 km. Degollada de Tasartico of 2nd category. 9 km with an average gradient of 4%.
– TC nº4 of 21 km. Degolladadel Humo by the Valla de las Lágrimas, Special category. Average gradient of 6.3%.

Desafío la Titánica – Los Azulejos:

Saturday 16 March Desafío La Titánica 2024.
Starting time: 08:00h
Starting place: Playa de Mogán.
Distance: 96.5 kilometres
Positive difference in altitude: 1,940 m
Maximum altitude: 967m

Consists of three timed sections:
– TC nº1 of 2.3 km. Alto de Puerto Rico, 3rd category. Average gradient 6.3%.
– TC nº2 of 21 km. Alto de Cruz de San Antonio of 1st category. 12 km of false flat and 9 km with an average gradient of 8%…
– TC nº3 of 12 km. Degollada de Tasartico, 2nd category. 9 km with an average gradient of 4%.

As this is a cyclosportive event, cyclists will always ride in the right lane of traffic and occupy a bubble of no more than 2 kms in the non-timed sections of open traffic in the opposite direction.

The timed sections will take place with the road completely closed to traffic, but caution and riding on the right-hand side of the road is always recommended, especially on the downhill sections with no visibility.

Information on both modalities can be found at www.desafiolatitanica.es.
The organisers reserve the right to modify everything related to itineraries, kilometres, timetables, trophies, etc., when justified reasons or circumstances so require.


Desafío La Titánica 2024 establishes a limit of 500 cyclists, 250 for each type of modality.


The organization reserves the right to force the participant to abandon the race:

  • Whenever the participant shows signs of extreme fatigue, dehydration, extremely slow pace or presents any anomalous symptom that prevents him/her from participating normally.
  • If the participant fails to comply with any of the rules governing these regulations (Article 14 – PENALTIES).
  • Once the regulatory cut-off time from the start of the race has elapsed.

In the timed sections, there is a maximum time limit for their completion. If this limit is exceeded, the cyclist must abandon the race or continue under his own responsibility, handing over his bib to a member of the organization.

    – Timed section 1 must be completed in a maximum of 15 minutes.

    – Timed section 2 must be completed in a maximum of 105 minutes.

    – Timed section 3 must be completed in a maximum of 60 minutes.

    – Timed section 4 must be completed in a maximum of 150 minutes.

The VOT modality, from the end of the timed section nº4 to the finish line in Playa de Mogán, the route will be done with the bibs covered and in organised groups escorted by motorbike-links and organisers’ staff. In the case of Los Azulejos, the return journey from the end of timed section 3 to the finish line at Playa de Mogán will be carried out in the same way.


The race is open to riders of any nationality, federated or not, over 18 years of age for any of the modalities, and they must be correctly registered in due time and form as specified in the regulations of the event.

Each cyclist participates in the race under his/her own responsibility and declares that he/she is in good enough physical condition to finish the race.

It is not permitted to include any cyclist who is not duly registered, nor any accompanying person, nor any informer or journalist who is not accredited.

Article 6.1. Participation with e-bikes

The use of electric bicycles is permitted under the following conditions:

    – The bicycle must be a “pedelec” type. A pedelec is considered to be a bicycle that is assisted by the electric motor only if the pedals are used.

    – There is no limitation on motor power or battery capacity.

    – The use of 2 or more batteries is allowed.

    – The cyclist with an e-bike is not allowed to help other cyclists with a traditional bicycle to move around, nor to serve as a shelter for them. If the organizers detect this, the times of the cyclists involved will not be taken and may be grounds for disqualification.

    – They will have to respect the cut-off times established for the rest of the cyclists, and will have a category with an independent classification.

Article 6.2. Participation of minors

Participants born from 2008 (calendar year) onwards will be able to participate in the Desafío la Titánica – Los Azulejos modality, under a parental/legal guardian authorisation filled in on the registration platform.


It is compulsory to wear an approved helmet and appropriate clothing, and any participant who does not comply with this article must abandon the race.

In order to establish the monitoring and control of the participants in the different road segments/stretches along which the race takes place, the organizers will provide a chip-bib, the use of which is obligatory. The chip-bib must be in a visible place for its correct reading, on the handlebars at the front of the bicycle to facilitate the organization’s identification of the participants.

It is not permitted to participate with another participant’s bib under any circumstances, nor to manipulate it.

Due to the steep and continuous slopes of part of the route, we recommend the use of gear ratios suitable for high mountains, such as 34 x 28/30 teeth.

It is also recommended that, in order to avoid fatigue, the cyclist should carry enough energy bars, gels or any other product to recover from intense efforts.


Those interested in participating can register:

Through the official website. On the website www.desafiolatitanica.es and with payment via virtual POS.

In person at all its shops in the Canary Islands. Consult https://www.free-motion.com/


Once the registration has been completed, the race fee will not be refunded for any reason, except for the cancellation insurance*. Likewise, it is not permitted to change the ownership of the registration.

The deadline for registration is Tuesday 12 March 2024 at 14:00 hours or until all places are taken.

The registration fees per stage are as follows:

 12/05/2023 – 15/06/202316/05/2023 – 12/03/2024
 Canary islands residents Federation membersGeneral InscriptionCanary islands residents Federation membersGeneral Inscription

Desafío La Titánica

Los Azulejos

55 €


65 €


65 €


75 €

65 €

At the time of registration, all participants will have the option of taking out cancellation insurance. The cost of this insurance is €8 and by taking it out, participants will be able to request a refund of the registration fee up to a maximum of 24 February 2024 at 23:59.


The delivery of the jersey and Rider’s bag for those registered in the Desafío La Titánica will be published soon, both the location and timetables in the regulations and in the social networks of the event.

To collect the jersey, it will be necessary to present the ID card and / or federal cycling license.

To collect the jersey of another participant, the person in charge must present their ID card along with the signed authorisation together with a photocopy of the ID card of the participant in question.

Article 11. PRIZES AND TROPHIES Free Motion Desafío La Titanica

IIn order to be eligible for the prizes, all participants must start from Puerto de Mogán and arrive back before the closing of the control point. At this point there will be a chip control at the start and finish.

A finisher’s medal will be awarded to each participant on arrival at Puerto de Mogán, the location of the finish.

The awards will be as follows:

Valley of Tears (VOT) modality:
– Trophy for the first 3 absolute and the first 3 absolute runners.
– Trophy for the first 3 first and 3 first of each category.
– Cash prizes for the first 3 absolute and first 3 absolute*.
– Prize of the Mountain for the first and first runner-up

Los Azulejos modality:
– Trophy for the first 5 absolute and the first 5 absolute winners.

11.1 Cash prizes “Desafío La Titanica”:

Men’s overall ranking*Women’s overall ranking*
1st Place300€1st Place300€
2nd Place200€2nd Place200€
3rd Place100€3rd Place100€

*To be eligible for prize money, at least 30 male and 10 female participants must take part.

11.2 General Mountain Award:

4 timed sections that count towards the mountain prize (NEW): 

– KOM nº1 (2.3 km): Alto de Puerto Rico: 3, 2 and 1 points.

– KOM nº2 (21 km): Alto de Cruz de San Antonio, 1st category: 10, 8, 6, 5, 3, 2, and 1 points. 

– KOM nº3 (12 km): Degollada de Tasartico, 2nd category: 6, 5, 3, 2 and 1 points. 

– KOM nº4 (21 km): Degollada del Humo (through Valley of Tears), special category: 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 10, 8, 6, 5, 3, 2 and 1 points.

CATEGORIES FOR Free Motion Desafío La Titanica

Each category is divided into male and female genders:

Sub23 (2003 – 2001)
Élite (2000 – 1994)
Máster 30A (1993 – 1989)
Máster 30B (1988 – 1984)
Máster 40A (1983 – 1979)
Máster 40B (1978 – 1974)
Máster 50A (1973 – 1969)
Máster 50B (1968 – 1964)
Máster +60 (1963 – 1948)

E-bike mode without age group

The Absolute Classification and by categories will be given by the sum of the individual times of the three timed sections.

To qualify for the classification and prizes for the first 3 in each category, at least 6 competitors in each category must participate; otherwise they will be included in the next higher category.

Article 11.4. Desafío La Titánica – Los Azulejos Awards

The Absolute Classification will be given by the sum of the individual times of the three timed sections.


REFRESHMENT POSTS ALONG THE ROUTE AND AT THE FINISH LINE. Liquid and solid refreshments at the kilometre markers established by the organizers and at the finish line.

LUGGAGE- Cloakroom service at the start and finish line.

TOILETS at the start, finish and main refreshment posts.

WORKSHOP SERVICE at the start, support at the start and finish line.

MEDICAL SERVICES AND FIRST AID – Health care service along the route and hospital at the finish line.

MEDICAL INSURANCE – The organizers will take out sports accident insurance for non-federated participants.

TIME CONTROL with chip-bib.

SECURITY DURING THE ROUTE guaranteed by motorbikes, Civil Guard, vehicles for opening and closing the race, volunteers, etc.

STREETS WITH TIME CONTROL with complete closure to vehicular traffic.


The organization reserves the right to locate the refreshment posts along the route according to the most suitable places and as close as possible to the kilometer points indicated above.

The location of the regrouping and refreshment points will be defined in the stage profile.

At these points, cyclists can stop to refill their water bottles and then continue their march towards the next timed section, practically immediately, in the sequenced and grouped starts indicated by the organization every 10-15 minutes; without having to wait for the arrival of the last rider and always within the established cut-off times.

The general refreshment point will be in the village of Tunte, once the three timed sections have been completed, and from that point onwards the runners will continue in groups on the right-hand lane of the road.

 Artículo 14 –  PENALTIES

The following behaviors on the part of the participants will lead to penalties and may include disqualification from the race.

1.- Failure to provide assistance to another person.

2.- Abandonment without notifying the organization at the time of abandonment.

3.- Unsportsmanlike conduct towards other participants or towards the organization.

4.- Disobedience of the orders of the race direction, the commissaires, those responsible for refreshments, doctors or nurses or competent authorities.

5.- Lack of compulsory equipment or refusal to carry out an inspection of material.

6.- Skipping a checkpoint.

7.- Voluntarily throwing waste outside the areas provided at the refreshment posts or any type of conduct that may alter the natural environment.


Pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter GDPR) we inform you of the following, personal data arising from registration, payment and participation in events, including in some cases image and voice, will be processed by DG Eventos, SL with the following scope:

Processing: (I) Management of registrations, (II) Dissemination of events, (III) Sending of promotional Newsletter.

Purpose: (I) Management of registration procedures, as well as sending information related to the event, (II) Dissemination and exploitation of the events for the whole world through photographs, films, television, radio, video, Internet and any other media, (III) Promotion of future events to participants in previous editions, sale of souvenirs.

Legitimising basis: (I) Provision of a service (Article 6.1.b) of the GDPR), (II) Consent of the data subject (Article 6.1.a) of the GDPR), and Legitimate interest (Article 6.1.f) of the GDPR), (III) Legitimate interest (Article 6.1.f) of the GDPR).

Recipients and Processors: (I) Sportmaniacs (https://sportmaniacs.com/) as provider of the registration engine, and https://www.ymlp.com/es/ for sending informative mailings, both as Processors, (II) Physical and digital media, Social Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., as recipients, (III) https://www.ymlp.com/es/ as Processor for sending the Newsletter.

Retention period: (I) Two years after the event (II) Indefinitely, since any publication on the Internet or social networks is beyond the control of the data subject and even of the person responsible for the publication (III) Until the data subject unsubscribes from any of the communications received.

Exercise of rights: You can exercise your rights by sending an email to info@dgeventos.com attaching some data that allows us to prove your identity. If you do not wish to appear in our videos or publications on the internet or social networks, we ask that you indicate this to our photographers at the time of taking the images, as once the publication has been made on the DG Events internet, you lose control over said content.

Additional information on privacy: https://dgeventos.com/politica-de-privacidad/ and race regulations published on the website.


By paying the Desafío La Titánica registration fee, each participant declares under his/her own responsibility:

– NOT to suffer from acquired or congenital physical conditions, and/or injuries that could cause disorders in his/her health or living conditions, as a consequence of my participation in Desafío La Titánica.

– To have completed the relevant medical check-ups and to be medically fit and adequately trained to carry out the activities that will take place in Desafío La Titánica.

– Commit to collaborate and comply with the instructions received (organizers, Local Police, Civil Protection, Volunteers, Judges, etc), to ensure the safety of all runners and the smooth running of the race.

– Declares to carry out the activities related to Desafío La Titánica of their own free will, at their own exclusive risk and assumes sole responsibility for their activities, property, health and physical and/or mental integrity, excluding any civil and/or criminal liability and expressly waiving any claim to the organizer and/or sponsors and/or institutions, both public and private, participants in the organization of the Desafío La Titánica, with respect to any damage, including but not limited to physical, moral, material, theft, robbery, loss or any other kind of damage that they may suffer or that may be caused to their person or their property before, during or after the activity related to the Desafío La Titánica, even if the damage may arise from negligence or fault on the part of those named.


All participants, by registering, accept these rules and the disclaimer included in the participants’ declaration (article 16 of these rules). In case of doubt or if any situation arises that is not reflected in these rules, the organizing company will be in charge.


In case of suspension or postponement of the event due to force majeure (adverse weather conditions, flood, epidemic, earthquake, explosion, accident, labour conflict or strike, civil conflict, decision of the competent authority, etc.) no refund of the amount paid for registration or compensation will be made.